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Once the order is in our system, it will passed directly onto the warehouse, and under normal conditions the order will be ready for shipping within 48 hours. The actual sending of the order will depend on the chosen form of payment and transport. 

For your information and on a general matter, orders will be prepared and sent out to the Spanish mainland within 5 days.


Prior to shipment of the order will inform the customer of the shipping cost, which will vary depending on weight, volume and destination.

Shipping to destinations within the Spanish mainland.
Requests for amounts exceeding € 400.00 will be shipped prepaid by the freight Chrono Express delivery service 24 hours.
Orders below this amount charged will invoice the shipping cost (at the rate of Chrono Express) or sent with postage due from the agency indicating the client transport

Shipments to the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.
Orders sent to these areas, include the cost of shipping bill (at the rate of Chrono Express) or sent with postage due from the agency indicating the client transport.

Shipments bound for the Canary Islands.
Canary Shipments to be made by the Postal Express mail service, provided that the size of the order is appropriate, the amount will be charged shipping invoice.
If the shipment exceeds the weight and volume that supports the Postal Service Express, then the shipping would be by transport agency and the amount would be charged shipping invoice.

Shipments for Andorra, Portugal and other countries of the EEC.
The orders to Andorra, Portugal and the rest of the EEC will be made by the transport agency Chrono Express, the amount will be charged shipping invoice.


There are two ways to pay for your order.

Bank Transfer,
If you choose this option, once your order ready we will send you proforma invoice stating the total amount payable and bank details so you can make the same income. Once the download proof of it by fax or email and we will immediately start to shipment.

Cash on Delivery,
If you choose this option, payment is made directly to the carrier at the time of delivery of the order. But total order must be added 3% cost reimbursement, which is the charge made by the freight management process to proceed.


Yes, S’inergy®  watches are made of quality materials and have been verified and tested throughout the manufacturing process. Each watch comes with your warranty card for two years.

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