S'inergy® watches are made of quality materials, have been checked, tested and verified during the manufacturing process. Each watch comes with your guarantee card for two years.

If your watch S'inergy® present has a manufacturing defect, the customer has a guarantee period of two years, after the time of purchase, in accordance to Law 23/2003 of July 10 about guarantees the sale of consumer goods. Guarantee excludes battery, strap, and damage caused by improper use.

To exercise this guarantee, the customer should contact the store where you purchased your S'inergy® watch. If it is not possible, the customer should contact to:


C. Cabrafiga, 18
17490 LLANÇÀ (Girona)

Tel.+34 972 120 827
E-mail: info@urbantendences.com

C. Cabrafiga, 18 · 17490 LLANÇÀ (Girona) · Tel.+34 972 120 827 · E-mail: info@urbantendences.com  · Legal Advice 6TEMS COMUNICACIÓ INTERACTIVA S.L.